The hottest sunglasses trends for summer 2018

With almost everything being already worn by everyone and nothing is left to be standing out from the crowd o what should we all be wearing this summer? An oblique cat-eye is proving particularly popular and suits most face shapes, while the rounder, smaller frames favored by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kristen Stewart are trickier to wear if you have a fuller […]

These are the 10 best micellar waters for a gentle yet effective cleanse

For gentle yet effective cleansing, meet the formula that has been used by the best makeup artists and models: the micellar water. A base French skincare classic, praised for its multi-purpose resources (cleanse, tone, refresh) and comfort of use (no face rinsing), the micellar is a genius addition to your beauty chest. Free from both soap and alcohol, it’s the excellent option to […]

This is the Piece of the Summer

you will not believe what is popping up on my Instagram lately like nonstop. ladies all the influencers are wearing this piece and flashing it around like it is the hit of the summer. If you thought a few weeks ago that you had plenty summer dresses, you’re probably now realizing after  all of this hot weather that you are WRONG!!! Zara […]

These are the best (streak-free) fake tans out there

I know that summer is here and we are all excited to get tan and beautiful body bronze color. but let’s admit some of us won’t even go to the beach without looking tan. and some may not go at all because we simply don’t have time. well, today I will share my solution. why not a fake tan, whether you […]

3 modest fashion trends we'll all be wearing this season

Is modest clothing coming back in style? we have witnessed so many revealing clothe and dresses weather on the red carpet or on celebrities. but believe it or not modest clothe are coming back and stronger than ever. as the light is shining more and more on our first family, and their visitors it is shining even more on our first lady […]

How to dress for the races of 2018 with your own touch to it

Dressing for the races is a minefield. Yearly one of the most sartorially extensive occasions on the record, the various bodies welcome a whole host of ladies decked out in their elegant summer clothes for a day ringside. Over the years, nonetheless, it’s become less about the day itself and more about the following front-page splashes of women clutching champagne […]

3 Ways To Wear a trench coat for the year of 2018/2019

now we all know that They’ve never been ‘out of fashion’, but if you were keeping an eye on this season’s runways you’ll know that trench coats have unusually been more popular amongst the stylish group. Fabrics, cuts, and shapes have all been played with, resulting in a collection of options. I choose three of my favorite styles trench coat […]