3 modest fashion trends we'll all be wearing this season

3 modest fashion trends we'll all be wearing this season

Is modest clothing coming back in style? we have witnessed so many revealing clothe and dresses weather on the red carpet or on celebrities. but believe it or not modest clothe are coming back and stronger than ever. as the light is shining more and more on our first family, and their visitors it is shining even more on our first lady and first daughter clothing taste and style and we can say the industry is digging it if they admit it or not.  I have put for you a list of the pieces that you will be seeing very soon all over your Instagram and 2018 fashion for winter clothing.


It’s a hit on trend for the summer, keeps you cool in the heat and protects your skin from the sun – of course it’s perfectly modest and lightweight at the same time. Breathable fabric – cottons, linens and lightweight silks – are the absolute way to go.

Silk Maxi Shirt Dress, £480, Layeur at The Modist


This color is big right now, which is the best fit for the summer. White is stuningly chic, it looks good across the world and you can be very creative and fun in accessorising while still looking wonderfully put together. Pair it with a great scarf or some fun colorful wedges and you can never go wrong with bold jewellery; my favourite is a statement earring.

Embellished Tunic Dress, £695, Layeur at The Modist


An entire classic and great for summer, a tuxedo is perfect whether going dressed up or dressed down. i chose mine to shine a bit brighter, in ivory with black and gold embroideries. It feels a little bit vintage but flawlessly on point for the style i have been leaning towards this season.

Embellished Smoking Jacket, £680, Layeur at The Modist


Embellished Wide-Leg Trousers, £470, Layeur at The Modist