3 Ways To Wear a trench coat for the year of 2018/2019

3 Ways To Wear a trench coat for the year of 2018/2019

now we all know that They’ve never been ‘out of fashion’, but if you were keeping an eye on this season’s runways you’ll know that trench coats have unusually been more popular amongst the stylish group.

Fabrics, cuts, and shapes have all been played with, resulting in a collection of options.

I choose three of my favorite styles trench coat were worn and I am sure you will be inspired and fall in love with them

Look 1: Fun and free

An oversized coat in dark navy is perfect for  casual day to day plans and out and about. Jeans and a classic white tee keep the look of not trying too hard but yet still classy, while a pair of delicate statement short boots elevate it and off-set the coat’s billowing volume.









Look 2: Pristine in a playsuit

Not entirely an outer layer, the trench coat can play a necessary part of your outfit if it’s tonally similar. A sharp cut and rigid fabric will render the overall look more formal.

Look 3: Flirty fabrics

Red leather trench coats have been embraced into the fashion crease with open arms. A muted burgundy hue gives the look a grown-up, sexy feel, while a lilac lace dress softens it.