9 fashion trends inspired by the Queen

9 fashion trends inspired by the Queen




As the wonderful “iron woman” Queen parties her 92nd birthday this weekend, we’ve been thinking about her extraordinary impact on fashion – which is greater than you might think.

The Queen is a complete colonizer of power-dressing and has a very clear sense of particular style. She knows what she fancies and what suits her, using her clothes to project a message of dignified regality.

Her identity has sparked major fashion trends, from tiaras and Barbour coats to nan shoes and pussy-bow blouses.

In fact, my huge examination has left me shocked at how many style influencers and designers have openly plundered HRH’s wardrobe. Allow me to present the trends that have been copied off by the Queen.

1.Barbour coats

the queen was an early pioneer of the Barbour coat, the festival goer’s outerwear of choice. she rocked it much time and way before when it was in style in 2015 to carry out until now in 2018.

2. Loafers

hello Gucci! along with many others designers that introduced loafer this past 2 years as one of their big hits the queen beat all of you to it way back. this is a proof that many designers get their sense of style from inspirations such as the queen

3. Box bags

The Queen has often favors a classic box bag (often by British label Launer), a style that’s regularly replicated on the catwalk. Again as we get schooled in fashion by her majesty

4. Capes


Yasss capes, an excellent combination of a blanket and coat. The Queen adored them way before today’s style influencers caught on.


5. Headscarves


Christopher Kane and Mary Katrantzou are big fans. They’ve both clearly been looking through the archives of  the queen.. right on ladies right on!


6.Pussybow blouses


Pussybow blouses are always in style especially 2017 when Gucci swept the fashion industry with them, but no one wears them better than the Queen who is a big fan of this prim, feminine style.


7. Nan shoes


Nan shoes – block heel ballet slippers – are wherever at the moment, popular with fashion editors, off-duty models and street style stars. The Queen was way ahead of the trend, with similar styles forming a signature part of her look. very comfortable and doable not to mention classy

8. Twinsets

twinsets aren’t worn by everyone but you can’t deny that Chanel has them as a signature but maybe they ripped the queen on that one because twiNsets scream Queen Elizabeth



9. Dress coats and hats


Gucci has the Queen to thank for one of its key signature aesthetics OBVIOUSLY as we can see Gucci has been taking a deep look into the queen’s wardrobe if not all of it!