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Best sunscreen for oily skin

Best sunscreen for oily skin

Ladies if you are looking for a good sunscreen and you have oily skin like I do look no further.

I know where you are at and I have tried many products on the past. Expensive too! And could never find something that made my skin feel glamorous and protected like neutrogena age shield face sunscreen! This sunscreen works like magic!

* it has minerals to prevent the skin from aging

*shields face from sun SPF 110!

* oil free will not cause breakouts

*feels very light on the face!

* inexpensive!

There isn’t really any reason why not to love this product ladies I have been using it now for 8 months! It has shielded my face from the sun! Even though I have been doing laser treatments and using it had fabulous results!

You can find it at




Or any drug store near you.

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