Canadian outlet hair straightener

As I promise to always deliver to you guys the best reviews!

I bought this straightener from Canadian outlet but didn’t have a lot of high hope because just like everything on the internet they put more hopes for people than it should or deserves. Well here I am to deliver he truth, shipping wise? I would say 20 days! And I live in the south of USA.

Package was nice. And I product looked very high quality.

As far as using the straightener I would say for

thick hair or African American texture you have to use the oil treatment! This way you will get The smooth finish you want. I Loved it honestly on my freinds hair! It have her a nice shine and beautiful smooth hairs .

But for finer thin hair I wouldn’t recommend the oil treatment all it did was make my Hair oily and greesy it looked like I didn’t shower for 4 days.

But yet again my hair is pretty fine.

When I used it on my freinds hair ( she is African American) it worked very nice I will attach a picture below.

Overall I really like the product! And I think it achieves 76% of what’s listed on the internet. BUT the reason for that is we are doing the hair at home not at a experienced hair dresser that knows how to handle the straightener in their hand professionally. Believe it or not it makes a difference. Anyway! I would say yes! I would invest in the Canadian Outlet straightener!!

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