Don't give up on your life

Don't give up on your life

Don’t give up on your life you are worth it


When we don’t love our self or feel depressed its usually after a disappointment of someone or we caused our self.

First thing we need to understand Is that things happen in life! People fall to get back up and no one comes to this world

Already knows everything. Therefor we make mistakes to learn from them.

Whether its heartbreak or a step for your future planning, mistakes varies and we can’t live forever blaming ourselves for them.

No one starts to hate or dislike themselves just out of the blue there is always a cause and a reason.

First thing we need to think about is: is there anything else I strive for in life?

  1. life doesn’t just end and we are all here for a reason.suicide
  2. we are all equal and deserve a second chance in life.
  3. if it’s a work disappointment it is never too late to challenge our self and be someone better.
  4. life can be dark sometimes and you might can this get any worse?

I don’t like anyone around me, I don’t feel good enough and everyone is better than me. Let me stop you here no!

No one is better than you no one deserves to live more than you! we are all here together through this on this world.

And at the end of every tunnel there is a light. there is hope there is chance.

Many people that give up on their life aren’t so unfortunate if they think about what they have.

Do we have a shelter over our head?

Do we have food on the table?

Do we have someone that loves us?

We are very fortunate some people in the middle east have lost their parents, families, sleeping on dirt and have no one to cry to.

Some have witnessed their own family die in front of them and they haven’suicide_quotet given up.

If a 12-year-old kid went through all this and didn’t give up. I believe in you that you want give up!

I believe in you to make a difference in this world and keep on battling your battle. It is your story to tell for your kids and grand children

Believe in yourself, set a goal and an example.

We all deserve better but we can’t get to the better if no one wants to battle.

 never forget what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and wiser



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