Grow my hair inches in 2 weeks!

Grow my hair inches in 2 weeks!

so if you have been following my blog for a while you know that i have struggled with growing my hair.

yes there are extensions and we can always rely on those but who doesn’t want long hair naturally?

i struggled to keep my hair healthy and get it to grow, even with vitamins.

So what did i do? it has been 2 weeks now past since i started this hair routine. and i have seen 1 inch of growth…

  1. I STOPPED ALL HEAT! ALL HEAT! Although i am a business woman and i have constant meetings and customers, i still took that step and decided to wear my hair in a messy bun.
  2. Now my hair is naturally black and the last color it was light brown. i kept the color and although i can see roots coming out. I DID NOT COLOR IT. no matter the urge i refuse to put anything on it.. instead i decided to leave it to track and see how much its gonna grow and so far its 1 inch in 2 weeks no coloring no damaging products
  3. masks masks masks!!! i know many people tell you this but sometimes we don’t follow through but i told my self if i don’t ill never have the natural healthy hair!! I will attach a picture of the different masks and products i use and switch between them.
  4. I CUT MY HAIR! i didn’t want to and i was always against cutting my hair but i took the step and took off all the damaged hair. there was really no way around that! either cut it or never get anywhere with all this damaged hair.
  5. Biotin! so i went to CVS and picked up BIotin 1k; truly i can see a boost in my hair growing.

so far it has been 2 weeks and i have seen 1 inch of hair growth.. and i hope for it to keep growing i will follow up with you all in another 2 weeks and attach link to see how long my hair will grow! if you have any tips or suggestion please comment below or send me a private message!

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