How strong and stable your emotions are?

How strong and stable your emotions are?

stable and strong emotions are too defiantly powerful words.

things you need to ask your self before jumping to the conclusion of

“I’m perfectly fine and stable” or “I’m in control of my emotions”

Ask yourself these questions to assess your mindset:

1. What inaccurate conclusions do I draw about myself?

2. What types of things do I beat myself up over?

3. What excuses do I let myself make?

4. What’s your definition of success?

5. What do I tell myself when I fail?

6. What is my self -worth based on?

7. What do I think when I’m rejected?

8. What type of self-doubt do I experience?

9. When do I become overconfident?


What were your answers? think deep into your thoughts?  are you as strong as you thought? or are you stronger than you thought you were!

many things cross our minds and we don’t give our selves credit for. Don’t bash your self about mistakes that happened int the past. Also don’t disregard the things you’ve done and not took responsibility for! seek to grow more as a human everyday! Better yourself and learn from your mistake for tomorrow is a new day!

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