How to embrace and wear white jeans to different occasions

How to embrace and wear white jeans to different occasions

Once the determination of every 00’s teenager’s wardrobe, the simple white jean is completely back having spent several seasons being shunned by some of the world’s hottest wardrobes.

But some are less than excited about their return. Not an easy look to pull off successfully, white jeans are a total fail and uneasy when it comes to keeping things chic.

The earlier adored white

skinny seems to have somewhat slumped off the radar, with modern renewals steering clear of the secondary styles in favor more straight-legs, kick-flares and boyish cuts.

  1. let’s start off white date night white jeans and how to pair them.

 ruffles are huge this season and to bring out this look for a classy night theme I am going to go with the flair jeans shows dominance and class the choice of color for the red and pink gives it a pop and the effect of being well together. if the ruffled top is not available to you I would recommend going with something loose and off the shoulders. as long as you are putting in a twist to match the flare jeans.



 Pink is always a good color to go with white, calm and classy also shows a lot of femininity. during a day date, I would recommend toning it down a little and going for the skinny jeans look, pairing it with ankle boots and a long shirt that’s a pastel color if not a pink will also give you the same look we are looking for.



 Work is where you want to be comfortable and practical. i would recommend a darker color tops for work simply because darker colors are more stable, and less style of a barbie. showing dominance.  with this look, you can pair this with either flare or skinny jeans i chose flare simply because I feel they give the legs more length illusion.


 you want to pull in into the holiday with the I am unique look? no better way to say this then a white pants and long sheer shirt, flats are the way to show that you are not trying too hard nor trying to impress anyone. the color combination of this outfit shows a lot of self-confidence and unique taste embrace it.


 when we think of festivals we think of happy colors such as red yellow or green and all of those go great with your beautiful white pants great rain boots to show you want to have fun and enjoy your time this is the style you have to go for.

pair this look with a long sheer jacket or even a long shirt to be able to be comfortable while moving not to worry about anything you may sit on.

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