How to loose weight quickly and easy?

How to loose weight quickly and easy?


How to lose weight healthy and quickly?

 weight loss

When it comes to losing weight most of us struggle and can’t find the start to a

1st thing to think about is how bad do you want to lose weight?

If it is as bad as you say you want, you have to stick to the goal and the plan you decide to go on.

There are several plans exercise or no exercise plans?

If you don’t feel encouraged to exercise every day what can you do?


I had 2 experiences with gaining weight the first time I decided to lose the extra weight I had I went with the exercising plan. I used to work out 5 days a week. I did see differences but I was also building muscle so I wasn’t going for the slim look I wanted for myself.

My weight didn’t change it went up but my body toned and had a nice shape to it.

But to be honest who wants to keep on going 5 days a week to the gym working full time and student full time as well. I fell behind with my gym schedule and later on I quit.

After about 8 month I came back to my regular wait of 160 pounds. And my height is 5’2

I wasn’t feeling very comfortable with myself and didn’t see any progress from the gym last time like I wanted.

So I decided to go through the second route of cutting back on my intake of food.

At first

1. I cut out all the sodas and candy

  1. No fast food in my diet “literally even if I was starving id wait to get home and eat something healthy.”
  2. I decided to start steaming vegetables and chicken or beef nothing fried. (this was a huge winner)

Before moving to number 4 by that time I started seeing improvement in my health not just diet my heart pain went away and I started feeling like it was easier for me to breath. Healthier life style was developing I even forgot I was on actually on diet.

  1. I decided to take all the wheat out of my diet no bread intake (that was just because I noticed every time I eat bread it would make my digestive system slower I could feel my body getting tiered quickly)
  2. when you are craving sweets of course you will end up craving some sweets I would snack on an apple or any type of fruit “kiwis are good”

To keep on being encouraged you need to understand that your body is a treasure you need to take care of. Having a healthy life style is important to your mental health as well. Believe it or not eating unhealthy food has a good impact on human’s mood

You have to find what is easy for your body to digest, each body is different so we have to understand what are wants and needs.

I will attach some photos so you can see some of the foods i used to eat on daily bases. 🙂 good luck

chicken recipe chiken-healthy


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