My favorite throw on summer break outfits

My favorite throw on summer break outfits

How many times, have you asked yourself last minute I wish to throw on something and for it to look cute! Well no need to thank me. Today I want to show you some outfits that I have been referring too this past summer and throwing on constantly or similar to, and managed to always get complements.

1.crop tops

Crop tops are the trend this summer, they are almost every where you go. They are comfortable and give an extreme sexy vibe.

Silk pants.

You are seeing also these pants everywhere and honestly I wear them almost 4 days out the week to work. They are so comfy and adorable. They come in different colors and also spice up your looks


I know some of us don’t like wearing dresses but let me tell you, I found some very cute summer dresses short and go well with tennis shoes! This is my go to look! And if the Ac is high I throw a Jean jacket on adds casual style to my looks

Thin, light sweat suit.

I know that sweat suits are usually worn in the winter, but some sweat suits I will include you the link below are very light and thin so you don’t really feel the heat!

If I’m going on a adventure, or traveling this is my go to look especially on the plane it gets very cold this allows me to be comfortable in all temperatures.

Let me know if their is any special outfits you liked most this year below!

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