Quick Tips That'll Help You Get Better at Taking Risks

Quick Tips That'll Help You Get Better at Taking Risks

Quick Tips That’ll Help You Get Better at Taking Risks

When you have a thought to yourself and its encouraging the first 5 minutes and then you hear that voice in your head that says” NOOO I CAN’T POSSIBLY DO THAT” or “I AM NOT QUALIFIED FOR THIS” this is the voice that keeps you away from improving in your life and taking the jump into the ricer to go on the other side. Today I ‘am here to help you move on from that and learn how to take risks. Whether you are looking at a fresh job requirement or even a promotion and you are in doubt please remember what I am about to tell you.

  1. Believe in Your Vision

Mentally investing in your own future is key.

“When people are stuck, it means that they are not connected enough to the end vision. If you think about a goal to run a marathon, the more connected you feel to that end vision, the more motivated you’re going to be, I am not telling you now to have every minute and second planned but I do advise you to look harder and deeper into your goal get a good understanding and idea of what it truly is and the steps for it so you know how far you run will be.

I also want you to think why are you stopping your self from this?

What is the trauma and fear that’s holding you back , what is worse that could happen, ill tell you what you won’t improve in life if you don’t just jump. Jump like you are jumping into a river. Yes the water may be cold yes you may struggle to get to the other side, but nothing comes easy.

  1. Set small goals

Set small goals for every 2 weeks. I say this because psychologically when we see that we are achieving small little goals at a time we become our own encouragement, and that will always keep you going with great momentum.

3.  Check Perfection at the Door

Anytime you’re starting something new, the pursuit of perfection can be a huge slamming and stopping point.

Choose action over perfection, ladies are perfectionists, and some times we have to let that blockage go. Being  too afraid to fail yourself—but when you don’t even try, you fail yourself even more. This has to stop get up dress up show up and never ever give up. No one succeed the first time this is life not middle school so give yourself a break and get out there and explore. You fail so what next time you will know what to dodge on the way. And if you don’t fail but it’s not perfect there is always a next time for improvements but you learned

4. Find Your People

The importance of building a community’s crucial to opening your mind to take a risk. Surround yourself with others who are doing similar things that you want to do and or people who are successful at similar fields—ask for help, don’t get stuck in your mind, and research, research, research. It’s one thing to have a great idea, it’s another to do the work, build out a business model, and thoughtfully go for it. Remember always life keeps on moving forward and just like Einstein said to keep your balance in life you have to keep on moving forward.


 Make Fear Your Personal Force

No matter what stage you’re in in your career, fear’s going to be omnipresent. But everyone I spoke to agreed that it can be a great motivator. The greatest business men and business women both of the sexes agreed that fear has accompanied them along their journey but they also advised that every time they overcame an obstacle they learned to use fear as an encouragement and empowerment that they will overcome it too! THAT IS THE GREATEST TIP TO AN SUCCESFULL CAREER.



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