Sugar almond color for winter 2019/ 2020

Sugar almond color for winter 2019/ 2020

We are all anxious to know what brands are taking on what colors for the winter of 2019/2020, I am pleased to say with that sugar almond (brownish) has been adopted by many brands for this years winter looks!

Wether it’s Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Givenchy, and many many more this color is a loved and adopted throughout their collections!

As I did some research to decide what to shop for my winter collection this year, and I found that a lot of pieces and brands are shifting over to classical looks rather then hip as we have seen in previous years.

However some brands that are more affordable than others are still remaining with the traditional leather or more colorful shades such as:

These brands often don’t adopt certain rules of the fashion industry due to the high demands of their own fashion style they have been offering over the years.

Back to the traditional fashion industry and the almond sugar color that has been adopted below you will find a list of the brands and pieces I found that caught my eye , as well as the pieces I personally would like to have and add to my wardrobe this winter,

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