The 5 Spring/Summer Denim Trends I recommend for this year

The 5 Spring/Summer Denim Trends I recommend for this year

Everyone loves denim, and its the only fashion trend that never goes out of style! what a better way for this summer to show off your denim in a cute and classy way! keep it trendy, simple, and full of freshness..

check out my favorite denim looks for 2018!


The sun is out! Even with temperatures rising, shorts (of any kind) are the hot stuff for warm-weather dressing. in 2018, my favorite denim shorts are taking a more polished turn with a cuffed hem in place of my ripped and’ repaired favorites from last year.

How to wear it:

On those of who we all can relate to  “not quite hot enough” days, layer with a bomber jacket with a pattern or a little bit of print to it. Then, add a little “spring” to your step with tennis shoes in a bright color that’s fit for the season. I believe you are set!





was there ever any doubt about this look? ever??? Jean jackets are the absolute outer layer for springtime months! We’re into a more comfortable boyfriend fit that enables extra room for layers to come and go as temperatures vary.

How to wear it:

Be ready with a floral shirt, joggers, and leather sandals. Make your jacket set with your own style by rolling the sleeves.



Denim miniskirts are back in style! prepare your legs for summer in a simple and subtle denim A-line. Best of all, this piece can take you from spring to summer and all the way through fall with some easy additions (like tights). Plus, i am seeing these in lengths ranging from just-at-your-fingertips to all the way to your kneecaps  length can vary so pick your favorite and go with it.

How to wear it: The simplicity of this skirt means that you can go big on top with ruffles or settle with a solid top, off-the-shoulder, or statement sleeves. you pick and you choose.




Nothing says summer time like light colored denim and this season, we’re digging bright white jeans. this look can be stepped up a notch from a flat to high heels

How to wear it:

i would recommend to wear the white jeans with a tonal top or a flowery print with flats to set off the look to summer and fresh,


Ready for a denim with a little flair? This year, we’re ready to go a little boho with an embellished hem like denim of years past since flair is coming back into style big time especially paired with button up shirt. My favorite place to see an accent is at the bottom or my jeans. From a little bit of boho to a lot, with a full on embellishment.

How to wear it: let your shirt be the accent of the outfit! you will love it with flair jeans along with some high open toe slip ons