The best tips to take care of your skin in your 20!

whether from our own expectations or from the ridiculous ads and magazines we see. We always want our skin to be flawless and ageless, along with all the pressure we are under from seeing other girls, and hearing men comments. While you may have thought that you have nothing to worry about until you are 30 or 40! well WRONG! ladies you have to start taking care of your skin early on the road this way your skin can keep all the skin cells that prevent it from wrinkling and drying up. Today I will list for you the basic tips to keep and maintain a healthy skin!.

1. Wear sunscreen 

wearing sunscreen is the most important Tip any girl can follow. The sun is of the most harmful to your skin, not only does it burn cells and kills them. but it could also cause you to have skin cancer.

wearing sunscreen on daily bases keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

2. wear sunglasses

Yes! wear sunglasses, sunglasses are more than just a finishing accessory to your outfit. The most sign of aging you see is around the eyes and in between the eyebrows the frown line. protecting your eyes from the sun and radiation is important so don’t skip on wearing sunglasses!

3. Treat acne and don’t pick it

it can be very tempting to pick at acne and pop pimples at all times, BUT DON’T. Treating acne is very important because you don’t want scars on your face. Neither do you want cystic lesions? your best line of defense against acne is to wash your face daily and use over the counter product that fit your face best!

for oily faces, I suggest you use either Chinese soap or black soap bars these are the best and for dry faces, I would recommend after washing your face with Neutrogena soap you would apply some sort of face oil vitamin C,

4. don’t wear too much makeup 

Wearing too much makeup can toll on your skin and face. keeping it simple in your 20’s is your best option. For one, you can get out of the door in the morning faster, as well as allowing your skin to breath.

stick to light makeup in your 20’s and light product in thickness, no need to cake and bake your face, not only will it close up the pores but also not allowing your skin with any break.

5. Take all your make up off before bed 

This is very important any residue of makeup left on your skin can cause irritation to your skin.

also don’t be lazy and just remove eye makeup or one of the 2, all the makeup has to be removed from your skin… as well as choosing the correct cleanser for your skin that is comfortable for your face.

6. Drink plenty of water 

Water is the source of life, it is nourishing and can keep your skin glowing at all times.

keep your skin hydrated but not just with water, keep your skin hydrated with masks and products that hydrate the skin and keep it young!


well, this will be it today ladies! keep it up and let me know if you have any other advice please leave a comment below.


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