How to restore damaged hair and make it grow faster

How to restore damaged hair and make it grow faster

take a look at your hair for me,  Is it looking dry, frizzy, or damaged—or even breaking in some spots? You just may have a protein problem. 90% of your hair is made up of protein—but a constant barrage of heat and or treatments (like when you decided to all the sudden go blonde for the summer) will sap away at hair’s natural protein levels to leave behind the worse of damage you may imagine.

That’s why stylists and dermatologists are obsessed with protein mask and treatments. They strengthen your hair, protects it from excessive moisture loss and drying up while making it feel thicker and look shinier as well as repair damage. as dermatologists say that they usually come in a form of conditioners, serums, or masks containing high levels of proteins to help repair broken proteins in your hair to make it stronger and healthier.

here are some tips and mask you may want to follow to protect and rebuilt and collect the protein for your hair.


    Best for: Naturally fine or slightly damaged hair.

    Search for “DIY protein treatments” on the Internet and prepare to feel overwhelmed—because there is a lot to choose from. I would recommend those that include avocado personally that is what helped me bring my hair back to life.


    Best for: Hair moderately damaged by coloring and bleaching.

    A protein pack is basically a souped-up hair mask. These often have a blend of ingredients, like keratin and silk proteins, that give your hair a double-whammy of repair. you can find them in a drug store, Wallmart, or any convenient store, I have attached a picture of my go-to product, and actually, this is what I take with me when I travel overseas and am away from home.


    Best for: All kinds of serious hair damage, from years of bleaching to daily wrangling with a flatiron.

    deep treating your hair is your only way of pampering it after you have bleached it over the years and safe to say you have fried it. deep condition your hair at least once a week with a product that is full of keratin and deep moisturizers. penetrating the hair can restore the strength of it. but please keep the heat away from it as much as possible, let your hair out normal and natural for a while with no heat damaged on it.

    4. Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

    yes, this product is rated some of the most expensive product on the market. but let me tell you it leaves your hair feeling beautiful, rich, smooth and healthy i would highly recommend it. you get what you pay for ladies so try it out and you will love it to the end.







5. Oribe Deep  conditioning   

to deep condition my hair I love Oribe this mask I would honestly say was the best mask that brought my hair back from kincky to lovely. after bleaching my hair my only option was to deep condition it, since i have tried many products on the market this was the best one for me. ladies try it out you will love it and not to mention it smells lovely 😀