Time changes everyone

Time changes everyone


Time changes everyone.

Ever heard this phrase and thought to yourself No! not me time won’t change me. Today I want to take the time and talk to you about this topic. Yes, time changes everyone. Whether it’s disappointments or failures in life you will come across several points where you don’t even want to be seen. You will find yourself many times alone, broken, and unwilling to get back up.

Many of our loved ones lose this battle and give up on life. However, many of them keep on fighting and battling surviving through and raising generations. I want you to look at yourself no different than you look at your idol! I want you to believe in yourself always. If you are ever not proud of something you have done. Well believe me time heals all scars. Time changes you to a better person! If not better with others better with treating yourself. If some people come and tell you “you’ve changed you used to be nicer well, I am here to tell you these are the people that don’t want to see you stand up for yourself! You are worth more than being a kick around, more than a bullet!

Embarrassed of what happen now? It’s okay give it time! Hurt of what others did to you. GIVE IT TIME! People everyone will realize what they have done whether they tell you or not! They have at some point realized it and felt guilty for it!

You keep on doing you! You keep on battling your battle and stay proud of yourself no matter of the situation! And remember time changes everyone and everything!