Ways and outfits to highlight your waist

Ways and outfits to highlight your waist

Many times we have wondered what can we wear to accent and highlight the waist.

Search and look for looks on the net, to find the cutest outfit to wherever we are going or heading out.

I have put today a list of pictures and outfits I picked and thought they high light the waist I will also include all the tips to achieve the best looks.

PINK SWEATER AND SHORTs! Although the sweater is loose and baggy, the shorts are tight that highlights your body while giving your style the comfy look. Also the black belt accents the shape of the body dragging attention to your curves

crop tops are always a go to! To show off your body! But light jeans add a bright color to the outfit giving the attention to your stomach and waist line. casual white T! Casual white T add the impression of not trying hard, the high rise short skit is a very sexy look finishing it up with the black belt to accent and highlight your waist. off shoulder is very sexy! So this is a Win win situation for you, also the high rise like we spoke before as well as the belt really brightens your figure. in this outfit the most important piece is the blazer. the blazer adds class, attitude and is long enough to the shirts. That’s drawing out your figure without showing too much. Allowing the outfit to have a statements one more of my favorite casual and not trying hard. If you can see the wide band on the shorts . These shorts are my favorite they highlight the waist with no need of a belt and keeping the outfit comfy and casual.

To wrap up today’s blog, I hope the pictures and tips helped you!

-belt to accent the waist

-long blazer to highlight the waist and the figure shape.

-crop top to show off your waist with high rise shorts!


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