What’s in my purse?

What’s in my purse?

Ever wondered what other girls carry in their purse ? I always had the curiosity and today I want to show you some of the essentials I always always keep in my purse!

To start off this week I have been carrying my Gucci bag

And since I can’t keep a lot, in like I usually would like I have to only have my essential items.

1. I have my wallet.

2. I have a pen! Because I always seem to need it.

3. My check books.

4. My Versace go to perfume.

5. My cell phone of course

6. An extra watch and pair of earrings I always keep just Incase I leave the house with no accessories on!

7. Hand sanitizer travel size I get them in bills

8. Hair tie.

9. Business cards.

10. Mints

11. Sunglasses (Celine I have been wearing this week)

I try to keep my purse organized and simple especially if it’s a small bag! Like my Gucci one! The bigger the bag the more the junk I keep lol! Plus this one I had just organized before I switched my purses!

That’s all! For this bag! Comment below what do you have in your bag?

Find pics below! (:

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