Why does war start?

Why does war start?

Where does war come from? Have you ever asked yourself this simple question?

 Syrian refugees

Since all wars and fighting’s come from the corruptions of our own hearts. The hatred or misunderstanding of others, and their opinions. Or the unwilling of accepting others.

What have these wars done or concluded in?

This is not the first time or the only time wars have left kids as orphans, no families no identities, and no life.

Striving to eat or find shelter. If there is a shelter provided it’s a tint or an orphanage where they don’t know anyone and they are separated from their brothers and sisters or family members that are the only ones left for them.

Many of you might say aww but there is nothing we can do. You are wrong there is plenty all of us can do every change starts with one person.

Martin Luther king was one man ONE man and he changed the world and made a better future for many generations. We can change the world we have to start in our own homes, and families. Teach our kids to love each other teach them kindness and forgiving. Teach that we are all equal and entitled to different opinions, teach them that selfishness is not a solution or an acceptable manner, teach them that we are no different nor better than the others.

What many people fail to see is that we are all created by one god! No matter what your religion is we should and are to respect it. But as a writer I am to tell you about my religion.

Jesus teachings are about loving one another and forgiving those that hurt us. Helping the need and feeding the hungry. I don’t know the other religions well , but these teaching are pretty simple are peaceful so if you want a better world it is the simplest you can do is follow the kindness that Jesus has taught us.


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