You are worth more than a bullet.

You are worth more than a bullet.


Emotional pain? bad break up?  disappointment in a friendship?


listen to me before you decide.

emotional pain to some people is the worst pain to go through.
the brain goes at times through a bad emotional phase, people don’t feel understood or heard, and some are too shy or can’t afford
a counselor.
each person has their different situations and different causes that conclude them sometimes into suicide.
I am here to tell you today i went through what you are going through now!
YES it sucks it hurts it destroys you. No it is not the end of the world. i know how painful it
is to feel like you lost the one you love, your best friend, or soul mate. going through a bad break up is the hardest
thing for a human being to face. it destroys you emotionaly and phsyically you become tiered without knowing you are facing
depression. I want you to read these words clearly ” WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU REALLY IT MAKES YOU STRONGER”
from my destroying break up i learned that i can live alone. i can be strong again! and i didn’t need anyone to love me.
Maybe some of you might think that it is harsh but truthly NO i haven’t recovered 100% from the break, but i taught my
self to pick the broken pieces of me up. Keep on walking forward and remember tomorrow is a new day, new options, new dreams
new oppurtunities. You are worth more than a bullet, you are worth more than being an ex you are a human being a loved
child of god and praying is one great way to recover from such a pain. I have almost recovered now its your turn pray
keep hope and never let an old flame burn you twice.
There is always a brighter option and path in life. when you know you have done everything you could do in your power to keep
a person happy and they still took you for granted. when you know you were the best person you could have ever been
and they still walked away. let them go! let them go and don’t look back! let them go and soon they will realize what they had
but by that time it’s too late. Give your self a shot and never let someone tell you what you are good and not good enough for.
build your image back! build your future. understand that you are brought into this world for a reason! to set an example. beleive that
many people look at you and look up to you everyday whether you realize or not! hold your self together! cry if you have to
but don’t cry forever pick your self up and remember you are here to make a change you are here to be happy.

believe in your self and soon everyone will beleive in you! and karma will always come back whether we did good or bad.

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