Types of love and interactions with each other

THE THREE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LOVE PASSION This is mainly associated with physical arousal. Passion causes people to be physically moved by the presence of their partner. However, passion may also encompass any other deep emotional satisfaction that partners derive from the relationship. INTIMACY This comprises a mutual feeling of closeness and attachment to each other. Intimacy causes partners in […]


Of course – firstly use coupons As you can always use a coupon while shopping in a regular store at home, you can totally do the same thing and use online coupons on the web! Online coupons work all the time, and they are free as well. Also you are better likely to find more savings online rather than in […]

How to believe in yourself

Don’t die hesitating! I had a young lady that wanted to speak to me today about her regrets! She wasn’t very sure where she wanted to start off from, it was almost like she couldn’t spot what she regretted. We talked and talked! At the end she answered her own questions! Hesitation is the only regret. I want to take […]

Time changes everyone

  Time changes everyone. Ever heard this phrase and thought to yourself No! not me time won’t change me. Today I want to take the time and talk to you about this topic. Yes, time changes everyone. Whether it’s disappointments or failures in life you will come across several points where you don’t even want to be seen. You will […]

How to prevent childhood obesity?

  How to prevent Childhood Obesity? Childhood obesity is a huge problem in modern day families that is ignored or not payed as much attention as should be. Obesity doesn’t only effect the child’s body and cause diseases at a young age it also causes the child to have personality disorders in early stages in life and carries out with […]

What does it mean to be a woman?

What does it mean to be a woman in a man’s eye ?  that is a very good question many people ignore or don’t value as much. What do we teach our children about the power of a woman, and how do people view women? I got the privilege of interviewing many people throughout my day and my focus was […]

Are you depressed

Do you think you are depressed ? your not sure? well ask your self some questions answer Yes or No! DO YOU FEEL SAD? Do you feel agitated or restless can’t remain calm? Do you feel so guilty that  you can barely take it? When you wake up in the morning you feel like there is nothing you look forward to? Do you […]

Where has society messed up?

  Where has society messed up?   First we ought to ask our self should we judge parents for their child’s behavior? At a certain point yes and at the same time No ! even if you had children and raised many you still haven’t experience every child! So judging the parents isn’t always the best thing. A parent could […]