2018 summer most popular handbags

2018 summer most popular handbags

A bit like when the stars align, this summer, all manner of fashion brands – from high-end to low – have kicked their handbag game up a gear and I got your back right here for it.

For the year of 2018, a lot of different trends are coming back and most of all are the straw purses i have put together for you my favorite handbags for the summer…

I have listed for you the brands of the bags along with the prices… I hope you like them ladies let me know your feedback.


Bucket Bag, £380, Simon Miller


Beaded Tote Bag, £29, Topshop
Tote Bag, £27, ASOS


Vinyl Bag, £29.99, Zara
Basket Bag, £56, Dune


Shoulder Bag, £1,190, Chloé


Shopper Bag, £35.99, Mango
Wooden Bag, £29.99, Zara
Floral Straw Bag, £28, Topshop