5 smoothies toloose weight

Smoothies are kind of astonishing. They’re a fast and effortless way to grab some food when you’re on the move, they help you fit in a bunch of nutrients in your diet at once, and, of course, they taste mighty good. But when you’re on a high-fat, low-carb diet.  it’s natural to question if you can even have smoothies. After […]

tips on how to get him to propose soon

Is your man ready for marriage? Read these tips on how to get him to propose soon to understand your man’s mind and help him make that decision. Men and women think along the same lines when it comes to many things. But marriage is not one of them. Well, at least in most common cases. For 88% of women, […]

relationship questions to ask one another honestly

Are you and your lover thinking along the same lines? Here are relationship questions that can help both of you understand each other better. A relationship is all about compatibility. And whether you tow are on the same level mentally, emotionally and much more Opposites attract all the time, but too many opposites and none to any similarities won’t really […]


For the longest time people always have find it difficult to communicate or break through to communicate peacefully if they have different choices or views. Let’s face it: communicating with people who have values, beliefs, and backgrounds different from our own is often traumatic, sometimes exasperating, and occasionally even threatening. Yet research shows again and again that contending with diverse opinions […]

Jealousy; How to Break Free from Your Jealousy

Suspicion is a killer. Relationships end because of jealous conflicts and people kill other people because they are jealous. Imagine this. You are at a party and someone is friendly and you smile. Your partner thinks that you are betraying her. Or your partner tells you a funny story about a former lover and you feel endangered. You feel the anger and the anxiety rising inside […]

Essentials to classy one of the type  Dinner

 We will not be talking about the cuisines of course. But more of the decorations here are some small things you want to take in consideration   NO CLICHÉ YOU DON’T WANT SOMEONE SHOWING UP AT YOUR DINNER AND HAVE A FLASH BACK OF EVERYONE ELSES DINNER. YOU WANT TO STAND OUT. If it’s Christmas or valentines don’t go for […]

Pan-Fried Chinese Pancakes

Ingredients   one hour and ten minutes we are serving 8 people  1/4 teaspoon salt ¾ cup of warm water 1 cup of multi-purpose flour ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil (if you want) 1 tablespoon Asian (toasted) sesame oil, or as needed 1/2 cup finely chopped green onion 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, or as needed   Preparation time: 30 minutes, […]

How to grow your hair faster.

we all have been there wanting longer hair again after we bleached or damaged our hair. and you are stuck in a place were it is no longer growing what can you do? well here is some tips and products i have followed TRIM IT It may sound weird, but you have to cut your hair for it to grow: […]

Personality disorders

Overview A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, operational and behaving. A person with a personality disorder has trouble observing and relating to circumstances and people. This causes significant complications and limitations in relationships, social activities, work and school. In some cases, you may not recognize that […]

what is stress? negative and positive

Stress generally refers to 2 things: the psychological awareness of pressure, on the one hand, and the body’s reply to it, on the other, which includes multiple systems, from metabolism to muscles to memory. Through hormonal signaling, the perception of danger sets off an automatic response system, known as the fight-or-flight response, that prepares all animals to meet a challenge or flee […]