2018 summer most popular handbags

A bit like when the stars align, this summer, all manner of fashion brands – from high-end to low – have kicked their handbag game up a gear and I got your back right here for it. For the year of 2018, a lot of different trends are coming back and most of all are the straw purses i have put […]

The 5 Spring/Summer Denim Trends I recommend for this year

Everyone loves denim, and its the only fashion trend that never goes out of style! what a better way for this summer to show off your denim in a cute and classy way! keep it trendy, simple, and full of freshness.. check out my favorite denim looks for 2018! 1. DENIM SHORTS The sun is out! Even with temperatures rising, shorts […]

5 Best face sun screen for summer 2018

Yasss! summer is here I know how excited all of us are. especially for the sunscreen and the burning eyes, oily skin shiny and chalky not to mention not cute at all.! I have been in the same situation just about every year, in a way I hate the feeling and in the other, I can’t go without putting sunscreen […]

2018 chicest/cutest swimsuits for your summer vacay

While the original bikini 2 pieces may be the go-to swimwear option for many, for some of us the humble one is unbeatable. Who needs a tanned stomach anyway? With retailers finally fully onboard with the one-piece style coming back into the fashion spree , and after last week’s fantastic-but-lovely and about time heat weather – I can’t help but charm up yet different […]

most chic, comfortable, and classy espadrilles for summer of 2018

Espadrilles are surely the footwear symbol of beach season – you know you’re off to sunnier climate when they’re rocked out – and this year the options are extremely good… They go with everything – from summer dresses to swimsuits and white jeans  the best part is that not all cost a fortune you will love the list I have put together for you   1.Wedge Espadrilles, […]

9 designer buys that are worth the investment

Whether you’re looking for a treat or you’re a regular cash-splasher, dropping a lot of ££s on a single item is never not daunting – especially when it’s a closet update regarding this new society of fast fashion. What will break in a month? What will you hate in a year? What will everyone else hate before then? Thanks to […]

How to dress for a summer party or a festival

here has summer came and so do its parties. and while we all know we freak out on what to wear to a party without setting off the clue that we have tried way too hard to impress everyone around us. This year i will be saving you from all the hassle I have put  a list of my favorite […]

How to restore damaged hair and make it grow faster

take a look at your hair for me,  Is it looking dry, frizzy, or damaged—or even breaking in some spots? You just may have a protein problem. 90% of your hair is made up of protein—but a constant barrage of heat and or treatments (like when you decided to all the sudden go blonde for the summer) will sap away […]