Inside kendal jenner's life.

There are reminders. They come involuntarily, it seems—like hiccups—every few minutes. They pepper the conversation, punctuating nothing of great consequence, but they are useful…necessary, even, at times. “I’m young,” Kendall Jenner will say when discussing her love life. “But I’m young,” she adds when talking about her first house. “I know. I’m young,” she declares after mentioning how much she […]

24 fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2018-2019

What’s new for next winter? Plenty. Easy wear still to be a big this year and coming year as well, we’ll still be wrapping up warm in cozy clothes that make us feel safe, but for 2019 comfort will also mean an eclectic succession of familiar pieces, that are also fail-safe in the style stakes. The overall trend might have […]

Ladies fashion alert!!! 3 ways to wear trouser suits!

They may be throughout all countries and fashion stores right now whether you’re shopping high street or high end, but extracting off a trouser suit isn’t constantly as simple as it sounds. What length leg to go for? Fitted or boxy? Flared or skinny? Patterned or plain? Neutral or bright? There are eternal options, and despite the occasion, there’s a style to suit. […]

7trouser that are perfect for the heat weather

As this weather is never ending to hot up, many female office-dwellers panic that it’s time to delve into the skirt-suit era. But – for those of us more comfortable with a little extra leg coverage so we can move comfortably- this season’s trouser suits are thankfully cooler and lighter than ever. The most popular and wanted pieces in the market […]

what will grow my hair fast?

As we all know hair growth is a process and it needs patience. While keratin is a protein that makes up your hair, you aren’t likely deficient in it. Unlike biotin where it is more common to become deficient in it, There are vitamins out there that can help, but hair health is determined by 3 constituents that some of you […]