5 ways How to embrace your own identity and character

5 ways How to embrace your own identity and character

I am sure you have heard the impression ” embrace yourself ” easier said than done you thought to yourself but how? well, today i want to talk to you about different things and give you different examples of how ? first of all i want you to think about who are you? answer that to your self… NOW

1. Providing myself to be a work in improvement

I’ve put a lot of demand on myself to always know what I’m doing and never make errors. I’ve missed opportunities to try something new because I was so scared of seeming silly. I’ve given up on things I want to do because I couldn’t do them as well as I thought I should. and the fear of being mocked and laughed at always haunted me.

Being a beginner is just obvious uncomfortable, but we all have to start somewhere. I’m learning that my value doesn’t come from getting everything right the 1st time. Instead, it’s the mistakes and failures and trying again that help me learn and grow. that what makes me ambitious and courageous.

It’s the baby steps, tiny changes, and consistent willingness to try again that develop the qualities I hope to incorporate. i should be very proud of my self with every step i come forward and every fall I take and decide to get back up on and keep battling. I should be proud that i didn’t let the world blow out my candle.

2. Being inquisitive about who I am

For the meaningful time of my life, I defined myself by the ways I didn’t measure up to the person I thought others expected me to be. I didn’t know who I was—only who I was not. dragging my self down to the pit bottom and failing to see who i was as a person and all the great things and abilities i had.

I’ve started shifting my questions. Instead of wondering why I don’t care about what’s supposed to matter to me, I’m discovering what does matter to me. what is my ambition in life and my strive for daily accomplishments? Instead of looking to others for clues about what I should think, I’m asking myself what I actually think. giving my self the true idea that i care to someone to the most important someone which is myself

I’m learning that being different from someone else doesn’t necessarily mean one of us is wrong. we are all unique in a different way. Recognizing that there’s more than one right way to be is clearing me to start searching my own strengths, personality, values, and decisions.

3. Letting go of what I can’t control

I’ve fallen into the trap of believing that if I could just do and say all the right things, then people would like me. I’ve made it my duty to try to make sure the people around me are always happy. That’s a lot of pressure. you have to remember you can’t please everyone on this earth, Jesus christ himself couldn’t please everyone so neither can you. Learn to live and let go of the things you can’t control especially other people’s feelings towards you that is not in your hands so don’t let it stress you either.

4. doing things that scare me

i’m learning that bravery isn’t the absence of fear. Courage isn’t something a person either has or doesn’t. Fear doesn’t just go away if we wait long enough. whether asking someone out for coffee or trying to make friends in a total strange place it is the fact that believing you can do it! and plus what’s the worse that could happen? rejection we are all human being and the other person is no different than you believe me. no better! no powerful no smarter if you display yourself as weak they will view you that way so come off with confidence and let the ball roll.

5. Chatting with my inner critic

My inner critic can be constant and totally mean. For the longest time I believed everything she stated about me and accepted the way she spoke to me.

Then I started paying awareness to what I was actually saying about myself. What if some of the terrible things I believed about myself weren’t actually true? How might my life be complex if I talked to myself with support instead of faultfinding?

As counterintuitive as it seems you will find her/yourself protecting you after a while. its a habit you decided how to make it if it’s for the positive or the negative and dragging it towards the positive is a good solution for you!

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