Am i selfish?

Am i selfish?

what is selfish?

selfish is a term defined for someone that only priors themselves. Cares about themselves more
than anyone else no matter how much they love the other. A selfish person never puts anyone in front of their happiness
or comfort.
how can you tell if you are selfish?
well there are different question you could ask yourself to find out if you are selfish or no.
it is very difficult for a selfish person to see that they are actually selfish, even more difficult to admit to the fact that
they are.
1st is 1st laziness: being lazy is actually a big characteristic to being selfish.
if something you are not interested in, however your partner is very excited to do it
do you make an excuse to cancel or not participate?
that’s selfishness when you only care about your happiness.

2end does your partner always give in an argument?
does also being selfish not allowing your mate to state their opinion or giving them a chance at
stating their idea.

3rd If you truly believe that you’re more important and your opinions matter more, you’re being conceited and selfish.
4th do you see others as a flawed ? you expect people to change for you, but you are perfectly fine and unwilling to
change for other? that’s selfish.

5th You want it your way. You always like doing something your way or going to
places you like even if your partner wants to do something different. Your needs and opinions are before them

6th Your ego. You believe that losing an argument is a sign of weakness. And you just don’t like losing
an argument or ending a discussion that goes against your way. this is not only your attitude but your way of life

7th. You can’t trust your partner easily. No matter what your partner does to prove to you that you are their only
love you don’t seem to trust them. they might lose themselves into you but you are on the lookout for yourself
that’s selfish they have gave their all but you refuse to give in 100%.

8th You can’t be unselfish. You may try to put your partner’s needs
before yours or try to be nice to them and love them unconditionally,
but you just can’t bring yourself to it. You constantly find yourself trying
to sneak in a better deal for yourself in everything you do with your lover,
be it about the better piece of chicken or the bigger
slice of pizza.

9th Competitive. Being competitive is good,
but there’s a thin line between healthy competition and unhealthy sacrifices.
Would you put your own partner down or walk all over their plans just to win something for yourself?

10th. You don’t apologize. when you refuse to apologize to not admit that you messed up that is selfish.
when you refuse to break up the fight and you know deep down you are wrong but don’t believe its ” strong of you
to say sorry” that’s selfish.

  • an old saying is :”selfish a lepord can never change its spots”. when a person is selfish they expect a lot from their mate, in situations like this it all depends on the couple. If one is willing to put up with it without draining their energy than by all means .. if not than to prevent abusive relationships and destructive personalities i advise to walk away from such a relationship.

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