What’s in my purse?

Ever wondered what other girls carry in their purse ? I always had the curiosity and today I want to show you some of the essentials I always always keep in my purse! To start off this week I have been carrying my Gucci bag And since I can’t keep a lot, in like I usually would like I have […]

Best shoes for working women.

For those who have been keeping up with my blog, you know I fall in The criteria of working woman, managing 2 businesses and family business advisor. It’s a lot! And I have struggled over the year to find a comfortable shoe. I have tried every brand, also I am a louboutin addict! But Christian Louboutin isn’t working freindLy LoL. […]

tricks that will make your skin look Flawless!

Want to get your skin looking like has an Instagram filter but In real life? Imagined you want to leave the house and have the best skin with out worrying about dryness, zits and or anything else ? Well following these steps that I have as my skin care routine should clear your skin up in no time. Never go […]

Loose 15 lbs in 2 weeks

Yes myth is you can loose up to 15 lbs in 2 weeks, this is the Egg Diet. So for 14 days your main Meals would involve eggs. And healthy supplements around the main course. 14-Day Egg Diet: So if you follow this version that I’am using : you’ll consume three meals each day. Snacks and drinks with calories are not […]

Best sunscreen for oily skin

Ladies if you are looking for a good sunscreen and you have oily skin like I do look no further. I know where you are at and I have tried many products on the past. Expensive too! And could never find something that made my skin feel glamorous and protected like neutrogena age shield face sunscreen! This sunscreen works like […]

Canadian outlet hair straightener

As I promise to always deliver to you guys the best reviews! I bought this straightener from Canadian outlet but didn’t have a lot of high hope because just like everything on the internet they put more hopes for people than it should or deserves. Well here I am to deliver he truth, shipping wise? I would say 20 days! […]

Does Caboki work?

Okay so if you are here searching about Caboki means you have seen it online. Like I did and I have decided to buy it and review it. NO! It doesn’t grow your hair. caboki is a product to make your hair look fuller temporary. Only until you shower. It’s like little fibers of hair or dusty material that will […]

Most trending Styles for Pregnant women

We can’t say how many times a pregnant woman jumps on the internet in hope to finding something cute to wear, or a style to adopt hoping to find her self still attractive with the baby bump! We’ll worry no more I have put for you ladies a several of styles of different celebrities that they rocked on daily basis […]