Basic way to stop an addiction

Basic way to stop an addiction


Basic way to stop an addiction


Many of us having different type of addiction and that’s not something we need to be ashamed of. The key is to know what caused us to get to where we are now? what’s the cause to the addiction ? not every addiction is harmful, how ever if you are here you are seeking help or an advice.

To stop something you are used to doing on daily basis can be challenging. It does require help . Help from yourself before anyone else.

My first advice to you is to write down what you are doing. For example some people have addictions to drinking. Well when do you happen to start drinking? Is it when you are bored? or when you no longer have anything to do? If so than fulfill your life with extra activities, whether it’s reading books, going to the gym, or hanging out with non alcoholic friends. Distraction is the key, you need to distract your self from the activity you are addicted to.

I would advise some to start a project, starting a project encourages you a lot. You are at that point trying to achieve two goals not only  one ” killing 2 birds with one stone ” you are achieving the project you want as well as overcoming an addiction. That not only helps you over come what you want but also boosts your self esteem up by believing in your self

Keep a record, keeping a record of how far you have gone without practicing the addiction you had ,encourages you to keep on going and battling through. It is also a reward for yourself and a proof for your pride that you are able to do it.

Get on Your Knees pray , praying makes you stronger no matter how or what religion you belong to praying always helps and makes the believer strong. We feel that we have someone to count on and depend on. A strong , strongest soul! looking over you and guarding you. I suggest you pray the rosary and get closer to god! that is the best way to overcome and addiction.


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