best friend/ boyfriend gifts for birthday

best friend/ boyfriend gifts for birthday

when this special time comes around every year we question ourselves what can we do ?

what is something extra ordinary you can do to show this person how thankful you are for their existing in your life. well today i will show you some tips and ideas on what you can do! after all don’t forget you are the greatest gift ( you are their best friend too )

  1. you can’t never go wrong with a gift basket
  2. printable candy boards. i am sure you have seen those many times and i will share a picture as well at the end but those are great and fun as well as funny leaving a smile on your bff’s face.
  3. The glue and wood picture, get a picture of you too brush some glue on the piece of wood enough to cover the whole thing, then Lay the picture on the wood, and brush glue on top of it.. now that’s a nifty trick by the next day you can rub the paper off and the picture will be on pasted on the wood like an expensive customized gift.
  4. the happy jar! if you don’t know what the happy jar is! you get a jar and write small notes about what you love most about your best friend and the good characteristics you seen in them ( we all want to be reminded of our good , and seeing good things about us)
  5. who does’t like to drink, but you don’t want a regular wine bottle so glitter it up! glue gun writing what ever you please and throwing some glitter on the glue that will stick! after the bottle is empty they can always keep the bottle for memories
  6. balloons, ribbons, and picture! fill balloons up with helluim and hang some ribbon attaching different pictures of you two on them ( its cute and thoughtful )

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