Best shoes for working women.

Best shoes for working women.

For those who have been keeping up with my blog, you know I fall in The criteria of working woman, managing 2 businesses and family business advisor. It’s a lot! And I have struggled over the year to find a comfortable shoe. I have tried every brand, also I am a louboutin addict! But Christian Louboutin isn’t working freindLy LoL. There for I went down the line and tried shoes from just about every brand. I needed to find something that I felt like I wasn’t hurting if I stood there for over a minute. Nothing was working until I ran across Micheal kors collection or 2019 shoes ! below you will find a few that I wear on daily bases! And have fallen Inlove with them.

The soul of he shoe, the width of the shoe and the heel of the shoe overall these shoes are pure Perfection !! Nothing more to be said! I wear them over the office walking back and forth and on site all day. Ladies safe to say I feel like I’m Walking in sneakers!

2end brand I also loved and didn’t expect:


So I haven’t had much luck with nine west over the years, until this June I ran across a beautiful white pair of shoes that’s got a thick hill!

This shoe is called : women’s Astoria You can find it on amazon for 55$

but they have as well done me so good comfortable and the thick heel helps the balance great when I have to speed walk or light run, I personally love this pair and have bought several!

I encourage y’all ladies to try them out!

If you know any other shoes that would be great for work and comfortable please let me Know (:

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