Best summer fashion trends for 2018

Best summer fashion trends for 2018

Spring has finally arrived, which means that summer is right around the corner.

But what does that mean for our wardrobes?

Who said fashion wasn’t recyclable?! luckily according to last September’s preemptive runways, we’ll all be beginning on a season of fantastic frills, delicate pastel hues and a bunch of plastic.

  1.   RUFFLES

Frou frou frills are not going anywhere this 2018, and whether you’re an expressly feminine dresser or not, there are w

ays to begin this trending style in a way to satisfy your looks and taste. Alexander McQueen showcased harder, more abundant ruffles, whereas the ethereal likes of Preen and Giambattista injected the trend with their signature delicate fragility.





Deconstructed, expanding, cinched-in… this summer marks the iconic trench coat take on a new manner of forms. And, quite frankly, we’re into them all. have been spotted on many celebrities such as kim k and many more the Kardashian are always a trendsetter .








3. Denim

nothing unusual about this look denim is rarely not on trend or popular. This summer, however, there is no such thing as too much denim is everywhere you go!! Double denim. Triple denim. Hey, why not accessorize via a denim hat? You have our word that it’s a good look. and will be turning heads everywhere you go! or shall I say turning denim .




One of the larger risqué of the season’s unique trends, those flashers amongst you will be charmed to hear that this summer, the more revealing your look, the chicer… to a degree.  see through, plastic-like Yeezy looks and

sheers are the pop of the season so flash them, ladies.









Rarely unpopular – but often clouded by their Crayola counterparts – sherbert hues are having there time of this summer. And preferably than accenting or accessorizing a look with a singular piece, the runways have proved the power of pastel head-to-toe.






maybe it’s thanks

to Burberry’s reignition, perhaps it’s an accident… but checks are the hot stuff this season and seen everywhere you go. Whether they’re pastel a la Loewe, neutral like Fendi’s or as punchy as Burberry, if your wardrobe

is hosting anything in the geometric print, then wear it. you will have the eyes on you as the trendy one that is keeping up with the crowd.




this season Chanel and many more are striking with the plastic look. who knows maybe they are trying to compromise with the April showers weather we have been getting but we know its the trendiest this summer plastic plastic plastic




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