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Does Caboki work?

Does Caboki work?

Okay so if you are here searching about Caboki means you have seen it online. Like I did and I have decided to buy it and review it.

NO! It doesn’t grow your hair. caboki is a product to make your hair look fuller temporary. Only until you shower.

It’s like little fibers of hair or dusty material that will cling onto your hair giving the impression that you have more hair on your head.

Oh yeah sounds great! Right?

Until Someone sits beside you and all that fiber flies over onto their plate. Or they give you a hug or touch your head by accident and it gets all over them.

or even when it comes down and lands on your shirt and you are stuck with not only thin hair but a dirty shirt.

no, honestly I don’t recommend the product.

Bought it for my dad and he hated it.

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