Emmys awards 2019 best looks

Emmys awards 2019 best looks

How many of you all have been waiting for this?

This year there was some iconic looks at the emmys award ! I have gathered all the picture for you all! But before we start let me announce that Zendeya stole the spotlight one more time! In her royal Green look with matching shoes! Though I will let you all be the judge here is a list with all the pictures from emmys 2019 looks

Fun fact The history Of the upcoming fashion weekn :

There are famous and emerging designers (many of whom are promoted by the Italian Chamber of Fashion) plenty of shows, great collections, and it gives you a chance to socialize as well as interact with your favorite designers. Most people have admitted getting their idea on the latest and upcoming trends simply by checking out the street style during MFW.

There is what is called the “Big Four Fashion Weeks” and this fashion week is a part of them. Since the year 1958, Milan Fashion Week has been taking place semi-annually with a women and a men’s fashion week. The other 3 fashion weeks includes; The London, Paris and the New York. The National Chamber of Italian Fashion otherwise known as Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana is responsible for partially organizing the event!

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