How and when to accessories ? Accessories correctly

How and when to accessories ? Accessories correctly

The designer Michael Kors once said: “Accessories is an exclamation point to a woman’s outfit.” Relating to this, it can be said that it is always fun to be your “own stylist” and match the earrings or a necklace to the outfit. It makes every woman shine and adds up more glam. Jewellery accessories can be a good accent for plain color outfits or a shining detail for the occasional clothes. It is an important accessory for people who want to outstand from the crowd or simply feel gorgeous.

 Highlighting the neck

As you see in the picture below highlighting the neck and knowing what to wear with each cut is important, it shows femininity, and sexiness of the woman

here’s a cheat sheet! To help you ! Ladies accessorize away!

Couple of places I like to shop myself for cute accessories are:



Etsy And of course my own brand! 

Kirabrand Necklaces are the most important part to an outfit followed by the earrings, 

I say necklaces first because they are in the center of the eye catcher, on and or around your chest! And right under the neck one of the first places an eye lands on a woman. There for it’s best to be highlighted correctly 

Followed by the earnings. And the rule of thumb, if your necklace is loud and big, your earrings shouldn’t. 

You can’t over do everything by extra leaving everything, a loud necklace should be complemented by a discreet pair of earrings a soft bracelet and vise Versa. 

A soft necklace can be complement by dangling earrings and a loud bracelet. 

Ladies! I hope You enjoyed  today’s blog! Leave me your thoughts in the inbox! And any helpful thoughts you have! 

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