How to believe in yourself

How to believe in yourself

Don’t die hesitating!

I had a young lady that wanted to speak to me today about her regrets! She wasn’t very sure where she wanted to start off from, it was almost like she couldn’t spot what she regretted. We talked and talked! At the end she answered her own questions! Hesitation is the only regret.

I want to take the moment and tell you that sometimes the answer that you are looking for is actually within you! YOU have the answer to most of your question you just need to hear it from someone else, because you hold yourself responsible for mistakes that occurred by you but aren’t that big of a deal.

1st! we all make mistakes LET IT GO! Forgive yourself like you have forgiving everyone else.

Holding yourself at fault for things that happen long time ago isn’t helpful. If so you will live all your life in a whole blaming yourself. We all make mistakes just get back up and learn from them.

2end Trusting ourselves. Some people don’t actually need counseling they are able to understand themselves and just looking for an advice they already know. We don’t trust ourselves so we go to a professional to hear the same words we were always telling our self (same advice). I learned to let people find within themselves the answer they are seeking from me. Usually it turns out it is the correct route and advice they already know.

3rd Moving on! We all need help moving on but that help does not have to come from an individual or a group it could come from society! Try and finding motivation from people and articles online! From a speech that was given years back, re listen to it but understand it and take it as if they were saying the speech directly to you.

You are able to survive without anyone pampering and baby stepping you Just believe in yourself and that you are capable of being who you want to be! Believe that you are entitled to what you love and can make a change! And most importantly don’t die hesitating.