How to deal with 2 faced  people

How to deal with 2 faced people

Have you ever wondered why certain people act the way they do?

Have you wondered well how can they live with themselves ?

Is there a way to fix those people ?

Is it your fault that they act towards you the way they do?

How to deal with these people ?

Well let me start by saying this.. welcome to the club a lot of us suffer from dealing with these people. Certain people act the way they are because not only it’s their nature but it’s also the environment they were raised in. Some people are effected by the surrounding people around their life. So that effects a lot how they act on mature age.

How can they love with themselves well, a lot of people don’t find anything wrong with them.

Or they don’t notice when they do certain things.

And no you can’t fix those people that’s how they are. Unless something major happens in their life they will not change.

Unless they seek professional help, they can improve but not change.

It’s not your fault, you can’t help how others act towards you are only responsible how you react towards them, don’t let it effect you.

How to deal with 2 faced people, if you can distance them from you life I would recommend so rather then getting worked up about it. Reason I say that is because people are 2 faced to get under your skin or hurt you when you deliver them to what they want, are you really getting back at them? Or your giving them what they want. I recommend distance yourself and enjoy your life that is the best pay back.

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