How to dress for a summer party or a festival

How to dress for a summer party or a festival

here has summer came and so do its parties. and while we all know we freak out on what to wear to a party without setting off the clue that we have tried way too hard to impress everyone around us. This year i will be saving you from all the hassle I have put  a list of my favorite sequin pieces

So whether you pair your shorts with a shimmying halter-neck, tuck some jazzy troos into your wellies or go all out via a sparkling playsuit, we’ve researched the best sequin pieces to snap up right now in time for a vibrant summer…

  1. Halter neck, £40, Topshop

how cute is this? so I could totally see this paired with some cute skinny white jeans or shorts, or even to dress it up a notch maybe so black shorts. but if you are going for a refreshing summery look I would recommend the white.

2.Mini dress, £29.99, Zara

so I love this for many reasons 1. is that its yellow, bright, cute, and casual I would totally pair this with either flat sandals or sneakers, now if you want to step it up a notch I would go for the black high heel sandals try maybe satin? but nothing shiny because you already have the sequel doing enough of the pop and character.

3. Jersey, £645, Ashish 

now you can’t tell me this is not just straight up sexy. I would totally recommend this to a festival or a concert. this is to be worn at night very light but also dressy.

4.Knit tank, £975, Bottega Veneta

this is one of my favorite pieces despite the fact that I love Bottega Veneta products because no matter how crazy you may lead your outfit to be it always manages to lay little of classiness on it. the color of this piece is very relaxed and casual.

5. Body, £35, Topshop

crazy with the color and I love wearing body shirts. it never gets untucked! and I feel like it always pulls very tight and makes me look skinny. I would totally pair this with some dark blue jeans or black shorts

6.Vest, £16.49, H&M

AHHHH yes Fushia H&M did it again if this doesn’t scream ” I’m sexy and I know it “I don’t know what will! I love it! and it’s only £16.49

7.Playsuit, £60, Topshop

i’m going to wrap this list up with this gorgeous playsuit pair it with a high heel sandals and rock it girlfriend