How to prevent childhood obesity?

How to prevent childhood obesity?


How to prevent Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity is a huge problem in modern day families that is ignored or not payed as much attention as should be.
Obesity doesn’t only effect the child’s body and cause diseases at a young age it also causes the child to have personality disorders in early stages in life and carries out with them throughout their life.
Many kids feel ashamed of their body while going to school and facing/meeting other children that aren’t obesity.
There are some ways to prevent such a condition:
1.    Encourage healthy eating habits. Small changes can lead to a recipe for success!
Adding vegetables into their diet, try and include low fat product.
Choose lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils and beans for protein.
REASNABLE SIZED DISHES (adding and making large dishes encourages the child to have large portions of food)
2.    Make favorite dishes healthier. Resupplying certain ingredients with less fat, or organic products.
3.    Remove calorie-rich temptations.

Adding some sweets and treats to their diet is OK! However, nothing should exceed the normal or small portions. Try and supply the treats with something organic and homemade.

4.    Help kids stay active.

Helping kids stay active getting them involved into extra curriculum activities boosts their metabolism up giving them the ability to burn more calories and keeping their shape, and health under control.

5. eliminate junk food out of their diet.

junk food is the #1 issue in today’s society kids are intake number of junk food. Allowing such combination of ingredients into the body that could result in many health issues.

6. Drink water rather than sodas.

supplying water instead of sodas is a big help to stopping obesity sodas include a lot of sugar and sodium that slows your digestive system in the long run.
After all to build a better tomorrow we have to raise a healthy and educated children!

Looking out for your kids health at their young age is the biggest favor you could do for them !