Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Modesens I got my sunglasses from modesens however, you can get your also from Louis Vuitton same price! But believe me when I tell you these sunglasses are worth every penny. I have tried many brands including the all go to raybans and I could never feel so comfortable with a pair like these. Many of you might not know this but my eyes are super sensitive to the light, but if the sunglasses are too dark I can’t see either. Also the brown lenses always bothered me. And I struggled and struggled to find the perfect pair. Until I ran across these the lens shade is perfect you’d the logos would be a bother but you can’t even notice them honestly! Of course unless your the one looking at the person wearing the glasses.

Also the studs on the pair I got are sooo cute they have little studs around with the logo LV


They are comfortable to wear and not too heavy on the nose either. I do not place them on my head simply because that’s an easy way to ruin a pair. And I wouldn’t want to do that to this pair as well as stretch the metal nor bend it.

Over all I’am super satisfied with this purchase.

And if you are looking to invest in a good pair I would recommend you get these!

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