Most trending Styles for Pregnant women

Most trending Styles for Pregnant women

We can’t say how many times a pregnant woman jumps on the internet in hope to finding something cute to wear, or a style to adopt hoping to find her self still attractive with the baby bump!

We’ll worry no more I have put for you ladies a several of styles of different celebrities that they rocked on daily basis that you can too!

Let’s begin!

Maxi dress anyone ? As we know Angelina Jolie is a sexy idol! And she remained all that sexiness even while her pregnancy she rocked maxi summer dresses with heels or flats and showed off her baby bump. Maxi dresses show how comfortable you are with your body! Letting the dress flow against your baby bump!

Tight shirt dress

We all know Kim K is the queen of tight shirt dresses. This is one look to attend to if you are a working mom, showing off your baby bump while remaining on top of the fashion world.

Formal dress with assorted coat.

While Amal Clooney is always making fashion statements, we can’t deny that her sense of fashion reflects her profession, I would advise this style if your a lawyer or ceo like title. Other words if I’m pregnant I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t have to! Pregnant is more of comfort.

But you do you ladies!

This next loom is very sexy but angelic by Rosie.

She never fails to grab the spot light. Not much to be said she paired everything beautifully and she always has a statement with her choices.

Jessica, Meghan, and Chrissy

Are comfort class, and casual the ladies mixed it up! Meghan is very royal highness but its great for work and important meetings and or to church!

Jessica is always the cool mom! So if this is your 2end child I’d say rock the alba look!

And leaves us to the beautiful Chrissy well it’s Chrissy always sexy and an attitude.

After all you are all beautiful ladies no matter what style you choose! But choose which ever you like most and feel most comfortable.

It’s about you and the baby! ❤️

Enjoy mother hood

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