My skin routine for acne

My skin routine for acne

As many of people struggle with acne I’m familiar with this problem too! However I did develop a routine to keep my acne under control, even if I’m under stress.

This routine I go through certain steps on daily basis and others only on weekends so 2 days a week.

I will also recommend some products I use myself. These Products work great especially with my Oily skin!

So Monday -Friday my skin routine:

I start each morning by washing my face with zip zap facial scrub! I love this because it feel so clean in the morning almost like it removes a whole layer of dead skin cells . I use it with a hard scrubber and move it in circular clock wise and and again counter clock wise to it removes everything. After I rinse my face, I apply Olay face hydration cream for anti aging 🥰

After letting the anti aging cream get absorbed for about 10 minutes I apply my neutrogena sunscreen and I have always spoken about how much I love this sunscreen because it’s SPF 110! And you couldn’t find another like it this is amazing for my oily skin!

After applying my make up and call it a day.

At night I wash my face with black soup and apply zapzyt gel cream if there is any acne.

At night I wash my face also with the scrub, however I apply vitamin c orange cream at night .

On weekends or the 2 days that you pick

Of your choice I either use a face steamer to open the pores of my skin, after wards I apply a

Hanacure face mask all set face mask I follow directions as shown on this set , yes it is a little bit pricy about 100$ for each mask but I really really think it’s worth it I love this product and I use it every 2 weeks

So this mask is every other week I use, and on the weeks that I don’t the hanacure mask I refer to the local masks and I apply Those for 5-10 minutes after steamer, then rinse my face and apply the night cream!

And call it a night! Ladies so far that’s my routine! And I’ve been loving it and saying a lot of improvements in my skin! Let me

Know if you all do anything different in the messages(: and have a great weekend

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