suicidal thoughts? 3 day rules

What If 3 Days Go By and Suicide Still Beckons? Time does not heal all wounds, especially not quickly. The 3-day rule aside, I do not mean to imply that you should end your life if you still feel acutely suicidal after three days. In some ways, 3 days is a long time. A lot can happen. Feelings can change. […]


Self-destruction I feel enclosed in a hole that’s easy to get out of I wrap myself in blankets but they no longer feel warm My skin no more my skin And the mirror I’ afraid of A reflection that was my face but now a face that I can’t face And I’m lost I don’t know me anymore But I […]


strength The wrath of wind, it comes and goes, The fear of men, no longer blows, The hunger of fire, it does devour, But all who give in, it will sour, The strength of water, cannot be matched, By eery eil shee that’s hathed, The life of earth, is unsurpassed, Uless you’e see, the future past. Do not be weathered, […]

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas At Least Once in Your Life!

A trip to Las Vegas should be on everyone’s bucket-lists. The nightlife is wild, but if you’re not looking for a gambling/partying holiday, Vegas has so much more to offer including delicious food, exciting landmarks, and much more. Delicious Restaurants Las Vegas does everything big and bold, and the restaurants certainly follow this idea. Whether you’re looking for gourmet restaurants […]


look for something positive every day. this is for You. are you feeling down? sad? or worthless? are you feeling like you aren’t good enough or life has beaten you down so much that you question if getting back up is worth it? today’s wisdom of words is ” look for something positive in each day and if you can’t […]

Types of love and interactions with each other

THE THREE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LOVE PASSION This is mainly associated with physical arousal. Passion causes people to be physically moved by the presence of their partner. However, passion may also encompass any other deep emotional satisfaction that partners derive from the relationship. INTIMACY This comprises a mutual feeling of closeness and attachment to each other. Intimacy causes partners in […]


Of course – firstly use coupons As you can always use a coupon while shopping in a regular store at home, you can totally do the same thing and use online coupons on the web! Online coupons work all the time, and they are free as well. Also you are better likely to find more savings online rather than in […]

How to believe in yourself

Don’t die hesitating! I had a young lady that wanted to speak to me today about her regrets! She wasn’t very sure where she wanted to start off from, it was almost like she couldn’t spot what she regretted. We talked and talked! At the end she answered her own questions! Hesitation is the only regret. I want to take […]

Time changes everyone

  Time changes everyone. Ever heard this phrase and thought to yourself No! not me time won’t change me. Today I want to take the time and talk to you about this topic. Yes, time changes everyone. Whether it’s disappointments or failures in life you will come across several points where you don’t even want to be seen. You will […]