Secret hair mask!

Secret hair mask!

If you are like me struggling to grow your hair back especially after you’ve put your hair through a lot of damage and processing. In 2020 i decided to go full blonde :/ sheesh! Yes it did look good but my goodness the amount of damage it caused my hair, not to mention the upkeep of blonde hair if you are not naturally blonde.

Going from black hair to blonde I had to put my hair through crap load! and by the end of 2020 and start of 2021I decided no more! Mind you through out 2020 i wore extensions because my hair was short, and i tried every trick in the book and every hair mask you could possibly think of or watch on Youtube however nothing worked for me. I even tried the rice water trick.. but that was a big fail.

so in 2021 i decided to go back to black hair and just leave my hair natural I did not put any heat! I mean nothing! and before every time I washed my hair I applied a hair mask in hoped that will improve the condition of my hair but that was a year of nothing but bad hair days and disappointment’s.

until i started reading online and researching about fruits and natural substance and in one month! ONE MONTH YOU GUYS, my hair went from dry desert and cactus ends to tropical mermaid!

I mixed this mask and applied it on my hair once a week even through i have split dead ends! after this mask even after the 1st use you could see a difference my hair was shiny and silky again and looked so healthy. For the past month i can say my hair has grew about an inch and half. easily

first i’m going to tell you the recipe and then direction on how i applied and for how long.

1 table spoon of honey

1 raw egg

1 table spoon of coconut oil

1 table spoon of olive oil

1/2 of a banana

if you have long hair you can double on everything and use one whole banana

mix all this in bowl and apply on your hair from top to bottom

massage into scalp for 5 minutes and leave on mask for minimum of 2 hours!

wash hair with cold water!! ( make sure its cold water or you’ll have eggs in your hair for days) LOL

after the first and second rinse of your hair routine, apply ION repair solution mask for 5 minutes in the shower and rinse! et Voila!

i have been applying this mask once a week for the past month! and i can see ALOT of difference in my hair! its shiny and i even apply heat on it with no problem! make sure you are consistent in this hair mask so you can see good results!

It does not stink it actually smells like honey!

it does not drip because its a thick mask

if rinsed first with cold water it actually washes out of your hair really easily!


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