what do you dreams say about your mental health

Dreams have long enchanted the interest of experimental psychologists, and theories abound as to why they occur. Some claim that dreams are the harvest of random shots of neurons—nothing more, and nothing less. Others propose dreams are a window into our subconscious, and that they grasp a deep and untouched meaning in our lives. Still, others resist that dreams are an […]


For the longest time people always have find it difficult to communicate or break through to communicate peacefully if they have different choices or views. Let’s face it: communicating with people who have values, beliefs, and backgrounds different from our own is often traumatic, sometimes exasperating, and occasionally even threatening. Yet research shows again and again that contending with diverse opinions […]

Jealousy; How to Break Free from Your Jealousy

Suspicion is a killer. Relationships end because of jealous conflicts and people kill other people because they are jealous. Imagine this. You are at a party and someone is friendly and you smile. Your partner thinks that you are betraying her. Or your partner tells you a funny story about a former lover and you feel endangered. You feel the anger and the anxiety rising inside […]

What Should You Know about Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? Women with the disorder tend to have more depressive and fewer manic episodes than men do. … However, women are more prone than men to rapid-cycling bipolar, which is characterized by four or more episodes of depression and mania in one year Bipolar disorder involves many mixed emotions. unstable behaviors  The main symptoms of bipolar disorder are alternating episodes of extreme euphoria, or mania, and major depression. The fluctuations can be severe, […]

8 ways at Home Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

Try to drink tea, green tea or chamomile tea when feeling anxious. tea contains chemicals that have been linked by scientist to help relaxation. Also a  study at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center found that patients with anxiety disorder who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks had a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms compared to patients who were given a placebo. […]

Need help with Antisocial personality disorder?

  Antisocial Personality Disorder People with antisocial personality disorder may disregard the rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society, lie constantly, as well as placing others at risk for their own benefits, it is sometimes referred to as sociopathic personality disorder, or sociopathy.   Can these people be helped?  Yes!! Unless the person risks harming their […]

Am i selfish?

what is selfish? selfish is a term defined for someone that only priors themselves. Cares about themselves more than anyone else no matter how much they love the other. A selfish person never puts anyone in front of their happiness or comfort. how can you tell if you are selfish? well there are different question you could ask yourself to […]

Cues That Someone Is Narcissistic

There are plenty of people high in narcissism who can be spotted right away. to draw attention to themselves at the expense of others. They feel entitled to special treatment and become negative when they don’t receive it. The vulnerable narcissists also need reassurance and have many insecurities. Psychologists typically conceptualize narcissism as a trait that you’re born, live, and […]

How strong and stable your emotions are?

stable and strong emotions are too defiantly powerful words. things you need to ask your self before jumping to the conclusion of “I’m perfectly fine and stable” or “I’m in control of my emotions” Ask yourself these questions to assess your mindset: 1. What inaccurate conclusions do I draw about myself? 2. What types of things do I beat myself […]