Tinder profile tips your gonna wanna read this!

Whether you are starting now on tinder or have been on there for a while and not getting any likes. that might be frustrating of some type. today we will be talking about the most important tips for a better profile.

Present Your Best Self (But Don’t Lie)


“Like most social media stages, dating apps like Tinder rely massively on photos to tell a story. The biggest mistake I see is people trying too hard to imitate perfection. The problem with that is it comes off as inauthentic and even uninspiring, People often feel like they have to be someone they’re not. don’t do that!!! pick the most pictures that are interesting of you and post them… the profile pic should be of you only! and the following pics should have some activities that you do and the interesting things about you.


don’t turn your head for the profile picture

Interestingly, professional photos or headshots tend to lead to left swipes, as do photos when you’re not facing the camera head-on and trying to show off your ‘better side’. While you may think that showing off only your best side will lead to more matches, our research shows that if you face forward in your photos then you are 20 percent more likely to be swiped right on. Looking front and center helps your potential match assess your facial symmetry and characteristics, such as trustworthiness, from seeing your eyes. The laws of attraction don’t change just because you’re swiping on Tinder instead of meeting in a bar or coffee shop.

Stand Out From The Crowd

there are a lot of people on tinder so you want to stand out from the crowd by that I mean don’t imitate all the others on social media embrace who you are because it makes you you! and type things that will truly show people who you are! your true self and intentions.

Check with freinds

we always need a second opinion whether we realize it or not!

so I recommend after you set up your profile and make the changes I have told you about, have a friend take a look at it and make sure it’s you! the true you picture is getting delivered!

2 opinions are better than one! 😉

good luck!


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