tips on how to get him to propose soon

tips on how to get him to propose soon

Is your man ready for marriage? Read these tips on how to get him to propose soon to understand your man’s mind and help him make that decision.

Men and women think along the same lines when it comes to many things.

But marriage is not one of them.

Well, at least in most common cases.

For 88% of women, marriage comes naturally when they meet the man of their dreams it is unconsciously the first thing that comes to their mind after a long period together.

For most men though, marriage comes naturally only when they feel like getting married.

This difference in the way both sexes mind develop around the thought can at times cause more than just a few misunderstandings.

How to get him to propose to you

If you want to get him to ask you to marry him THEN!, talk about it!

It really is the easiest way forward. most honest and truthful

After all, both of you have been dating each other for a while, haven’t you?

If not then you shouldn’t be considering it.

Otherwise In a good relationship, both partners have to learn to communicate widely and openly their wants and desires with each other without really holding back.

Is he ready for marriage in the 1st  place?

If you don’t want to put any pressure on him and want to understand what he may be thinking, here are a few things to watch out for.

#1 Men have to be mentally ready. Your man has to be mentally prepared to propose and move into the next stage of his life. This stage for men is very hard commitment and challenging No one can make up his mind for him, not you or anyone else. When you least expect it he will be ready to get married.

#2 Men wait for the right time. Men have a right time for everything in their life, at least most well organized men do. During one of your weekend conversations with him, find out what his goals in life are they tend to plan their goals and hopes for the coming years. Once you hear his dreams, it’ll help you understand his priorities and realize when his right time to get married well as where you are standing in his life. I wouldn’t suggest the get knocked up to settle down suggestion that‘s a whole different story of stress and could ruin your marriage together for future hopes.

#3 He learns from his friends. Men think they can never be manipulated. But in reality, they’re constantly manipulated by people in their lives and what’s surrounding them, discreetly or otherwise. Analyze his friends Are they married? Do you know their opinions on marriage? If all his friends are single, big chances are, he won’t be ready for marriage too. He may love you, but he may not be ready just yet to love you as a wife. Don’t let that affect your thought about him or question his love to you.

Things to remember if you want him to propose to you

Just like that fabled phrase, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. If he’s not ready, he’s not. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while trying to subtly convince him to go down on one knee.

#1 Don’t change yourself. Don’t withhold something just to punish him. You’d be behaving like a child. immaturity can push men away very far from you don’t do that. Really, do you want him to propose to you happily or do you want to arm twist him, beat him to do it ?  don’t do that let him take his time

#2 Avoid giving ultimatums. It’ll never work. On the other hand, it might just not go as planned and force him to toughen his stance on not getting married just yet.

#3 Don’t panic. When it occurs, it will. If he feels like he’s prepared to propose marriage to you, he will.

#4 Tell him how you feel. If you can’t stop freaking out, tell your boyfriend how you really feel. Tell him you’re really happy with him and your life, but are afraid of the future because you have no idea what could happen. Moreover, tell him that your life seems too good to be true, like a happy bubble that may burst anytime. he sure will get the him that he needs to assure you stabilization

#5 The last resort. Don’t hide your emotions or play with words beating around the bush ain’t no help either. Tell him exactly how you feel. Tell him you feel like the relationship is not moving forward. No guy who really loves you would make you feel like you’re hanging by a thread all the time. if he really does love you, he won’t be troubled to hear that. Instead, he’ll say something that will make  you feel better.

#6 If he gets upset. If he retaliates badly, it only means he’s just not ready to commit no matter what you or anyone else says. A guy may truly love you, but he may not be interested in marriage. Can you deal with that? If you can’t handle that, and are really serious about getting married soon, it’s probably time to ask yourself if you’re with the right guy for you. This is sometimes the breaking point you need to move on to the next place in life. I will include another blog on why at times the person you are with is just not the right one for you

Tips to get him to propose to you

Here are a few subtle moves to help him see that a life with you as a wife can only make life a lot better and happier for him adding some highlight to his thoughts won’t be a bad idea after all

# Be the perfect girlfriend for your boyfriend. Let him see that he’s got all he needs in a perfect wife in you right in front of him

# Take your boyfriend out with your married friends. Spend holidays or go out intermittently with a few of your happily married friends. Let him see how happy marital life can be so he’ll realize that he has nothing to fear. and he will want to be unconsciously  like the group he is with.

# He has to like your family, and you definitely have to like his. Take time to know his family and get along with them. Likewise, he has to know your family and feel comfortably happy around them. After all soon you will be one big family if he follows as we are guiding you.

# Make long term plans together. Talk about buying a house, a pet, or investing together. While this may not make him go on one knee, it’ll at least reveal his acceptance of seeing both of you as a couple for years and decades. That will also put an effect, security and trust towards you more than just a girlfriend

# Don’t get too comfortable. Don’t settle into the serious boyfriend-girlfriend lifestyle and ignore your friends and your own life. Have your own life and your own ambitions so he knows you can live without him. It’s a delicate way of letting him know that you don’t need him to live your life. Men always like to feel like they’re being depended on, which makes them feel more in control of the relationship and the direction it takes, show him you can take the wheel too however don’t over do it

# Have your own friends of both sexes. Always make him feel secure, but drop a few hints about all the other guys who are vying for your attention. Guys have a tendency of taking things for granted easily. By letting him know that there are a hundred other guys who would be happy to take his place, you’re letting him know that as much as you love him and care for him, you’re still not a target. A guy will realize your value only when he feels like you’re a prize that’s being fought over

# Look after him. Make him a better man. Let him genuinely see that he’s helpless without you and your advice. As manly as men may seem, they always need a shoulder to lean on now and then. Hell then realize how much he needs you in his life.. slowly by slowly he will not be able to cooperate without you.

 This is all I can tell you or advise you for now.. and after all if you are meant to be you will get married don’t stress or rush anything because

In careful action there is health and peace and in rushing things their isn’t anything but regret.

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