Top 5 make up product with SPF for the summer

Top 5 make up product with SPF for the summer

this summer you should consider combining sun protection into your everyday beauty routine is an absolute must. To boost your protection, you should include makeup that has SPF and sun protection. the sun is the most harmful to your skin. so today I will list for you some of my favorite products that I use or have used.

And even though these products are super efficient, let me remind you that for a healthy and youthful complexion, you can’t just ditch the sunscreen altogether during summer – no matter how much makeup you put on. you have to cover your face with a good sunscreen layer then followed by the makeup.

  1. Colour Shield, £38, ALLEVEN

It’s already achieved cult status – in part because Beyoncé wore it last weekend at Coachella to give her body a flawless glow, but also because it provides a full body airbrushed effect with the added benefit of lightweight but reliable sun protection. Well, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé…


2.Capture Totale Dream Skin Foundation, £65, Dior

☀ SPF factor: 50 ☀

A big hit when it comes to foundations with SPF, this Dior masterpiece leaves skin feeling and looking velvety. i am obsessed with the flawless (and yet, super natural and great coverage) results. Fake it till you make it, hehe lol!

3.Baume de Rose Lip Care, £39, By Terry at Space NK

☀ SPF factor: 15 ☀

my favorite around the GLAMOUR office, this lip balm has a kissable finish and feels like a hydration bomb on the lips – without being sticky or gummy. The pink hues make for the ultimate summery pout. Yep, the SPF is basically a bonus with this one. i have loved for the longest time so ladies jump on to it

4.Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, £45, Bobbi Brown

☀ SPF factor: 40 ☀

i really can not even call this a foundation- because it does so much more than that! this actually treats your skin as all in one such as a serum to restore its smoothness and radiance plus while protecting it with SPF 40 all at the same time. It’s perfect for daily use and for those that can’t stand heavyweight makeup. The coverage is medium to full. i have used it when i travel over seas many times becuase it gives me all that i need in one.

5.sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen, £19.50, 

Just like eyes , skin, and body, our lips need it too. this lip makeup with SPF is a must but hard to find. But luckily there are a few gems in the market; like this Sugar line from Fresh, the colours are summery and alive.